The Red Dot Design Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. In three disciplines, participants submit products, communication projects and brands as well as prototypes and concepts. The distinction "Red Dot" is an internationally recognised seal of excellent design.

The Story

Inspired by nature.
Supporting people and planet.


Making an impact to improve lives

The Stream Chair concept is offered in Social Plastic®, ensuring that your piece is not only inspired by nature, but supports people and planet alike.

Social Plastic® is a material ethically recovered by collectors in coastal communities to build sustainable recycling ecosystems and combat inequality and pollution. Together, ScanCom and Plastic Bank are turning plastic problems into plastic positives. Make and impact to improve lives, choose Social Plastic®.

Upstream to you, downstream to the world

Upstream - we upcycle the waste from lower-quality products into a high-quality, unique and timeless design, sending material 'back up the waste stream'.

Downstream - through this, we are able to ensure that all purchases directly aid people affected by pollution and help building sustainable infrastructure, sending support 'back down the stream'.



Every single chair is made from recycled plastic equivalent to 175 bottles


Every chair made directly contributes to the communities


We support sustainable communities and the clean-up of our planet


We are reducing, reusing & recycling

The Platform

Stream Platform

Stream Platform


Choose the platform that suits your taste and needs the best - whether you are looking for a classic dining chair, a chance to rest your arms, or a side chair style that can be used almost as much as an accessory as a seat, the Stream delivers options for your perfect solution.

Not only that, the design is tested and approved for the contract and hospitality market as well; meaning that it can withstand extensive use and has a durability great enough for restaurants, cafés, resorts and the like.

Combine the recycled plastic shell, with FSCTM hardwood legs, elegant aluminium frames, sturdy steel or even recycled plastic legs. You have a variety of styles at your disposal with the Stream.


Multiple stunning colours and elegant frames that will add life and style to any setting and taste.

The Design

Inspired by
the movements
of the oceans

Designed by
Inbal Kahaner

Inbal Kahaner studied Industrial Design at the HIT Academic Institute of Technology in her home country of Israel. From 2009-2014 she was a senior designer in Israel, specializing in designing furniture for mass production. Her products have been greatly successful and have been sold worldwide in addition to winning a handful of prizes.

Inbal's designs demonstrate a passion for innovation and an awareness of the factor that affect design for mass production. "As a designer, I have always been interested in developing innovative ideas and concepts in order to deliver functional products that look great. My real drive is to create affordable and accessible furniture that enhances the aesthetics of any outdoor space and it is a thrill to know that people all over the world are using one of my designs in their everyday life. In many ways, this continuous search for innovation is mirrored by ScanCom, as it is part of the DNA of the brand to develop new materials, products and technology to create sustainably-produced high-quality pieces for everyone".

A flow of timelessness and sustainable style

The Stream shape and surface were inspired by the esthetics of the ocean flow, and the story of an old seashell, taken out of the seashore into the living environment, as a romantic souvenir.

The wave design of the Stream is comfortable and stunning, bringing the notion of the oceans into your perfect outdoor space - a flow of timelessness and sustainability; regardless of your preferred platform.